Feathered friends for life.

    Helping our customers who enjoy birding is a natural extension of our gardening and animal feed departments. Many Plymouth residents have been exposed to the wonder of observing birds from the old local Manomet Bird Observatory, now known as the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.

    You will find in our nursery many fruiting bushes that serve as a food source for the birds, as well as providing beauty to your landscape. Other plants we carry can provide a nesting habitat for different species. I've found in our own yard that the cardinal prefers nesting in our groves of Phyllostachys (bamboo) which I never would have imagined.

    We carry many different kinds of bird houses in our store for all the different environments and varied species. For example, wood duck boxes for those people that are near the water and bluebird nesting boxes for those who have abut grasslands.

    We offer literally hundreds of bird feeders year round for customers who feed birds from some of the finest manufacturers in the country. Droll Yankee, Duncraft, Perky Pet and Squirrel Buster are just some of the manufacturers we represent. During the spring and summer months we carry many different models of hummingbird feeders as well as food. We carry traditional wild-birdseed from National Audubon, Wild Delight and our own Feathered Friends which is only available at Agway stores like Morrison’s. We carry 5lb. to 50lb. bags which we are always happy to carry out to your vehicle.

    For the more adventuresome birder we are now carrying dried and live mealworms as a protein source for the wild-birds and a wide a selection of feeders.

    Join Morrison’s Feathered Friends birdfeeding club and after 500 lbs. you get a $10.00 coupon to be used for any purchase at our store. You will also be included in our preorder Truckload Sale at the best prices around every October. Make sure you are on our emailing list and we will let you know when these events occur.