Attract Chickadees to Your Yard

    Black-capped chickadees are our state bird, and with its signature song and small stature it’s easy to see why everyone wants them to come visit their yard. So, how do you attract these active little birds to your feeders? As any bird watcher, or enthusiast knows the key to attracting any birds to your yard is providing them with food, water and shelter. But, what do chickadees prefer to see in your yard?

    Chickadees will eat practically anything you provide for them. They will happily eat insects, fruits, nuts, suet and of course, wild bird seed. We recommend feeding Feathered Friend Chickadee’s Choice because it provides a balanced mix of sunflower kernels, black oil sunflower, tree nut pieces, peanuts, grey striped sunflower and safflower that these small birds love. We also recommend putting out suet during the winter months. Chickadees do not migrate in the winter, so providing them with this source of fat and protein will help them survive the cold winter months.

    Providing water for birds is essential to attracting them to your yard. Because of their size, chickadees need a shallow bird bath to bathe and drink from. Using a water wiggler to keep the water moving will not only attract them to the bird bath, but also deter mosquitos. Remember to keep the bird baths heated and free of ice during the winter to provide chickadees with a source of water year round.

    Provide chickadees with roosting pockets and bird houses that are placed about 10 feet off the ground. Having both coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs is ideal for providing natural shelter year round. Plants like dogwoods, lilacs and black eyed susans are among some of the chickadees favorites.

    Providing birds with food, water and shelter not only attracts them to your yard so that you can enjoy them, it also gives them the resources they need to survive and thrive. So, put up a few feeders and a bird bath or two and enjoy the natural beauty that birds bring to your yard.

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