Attract Goldfinches to Your Yard

    Featuring beautiful yellow feathers and very small stature, goldfinches are a common visitor to backyard feeders. As any bird watcher, or enthusiast knows the key to attracting any birds to your yard is providing them with food, water and shelter. But, what do goldfinches prefer to see in your yard?


    Because they do not typically feed on insects and primarily eat seeds, goldfinches rely heavily on having feeders and plants to survive. Provide finches with thistle and sunflower kernel chips in mesh feeders, or socks. We recommend feeding Feathered Friend Finch Delight, which provides a mixture of thistle, sunflower chips and canary seed. You can also provide natural food sources by planting seed bearing flowers such as sunflower, coneflower, zinnias, and coreopsis, just to name a few. Because these birds almost always travel and feed in flocks it’s best to provide multiple feeders from them to use.


    Much like chickadees, finches need a shallow bird bath because of their size. If your bird bath is too deep, you can simply add a layer of pebbles to make it more usable for these small birds. Remember, these birds will be here year round, so it’s important to use a bird bath deicer once the cold weather arrives and temperatures drop.


    Goldfinches will not make their nest in roosting pockets or bird houses, so if you would like to provide them with a safe place to make their nests you’ll have to do so by planting both deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs. Elderberry, dogwoods and hawthorns are always a good choice, but anything that provides a dense cover, and has sturdy branches for a nest to sit on will work just fine.


    Providing birds with food, water and shelter not only attracts them to your yard so that you can enjoy them, it also gives them the resources they need to survive and thrive. So, put up a few feeders and a bird bath or two and enjoy the natural beauty that birds bring to your yard.

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