Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard

    The Ruby Throated hummingbird is Massachusetts’ smallest bird, and with its unmistakable coloring and rapidly moving wings it’s also one our favorites. As any bird watcher, or enthusiast knows the key to attracting birds to your yard is providing them with food, water and shelter. But, what do hummingbirds prefer to see in your yard?


    Hummingbirds have no sense of smell, and rely heavily on their sight to find sources of food. Planting brightly colored flowers like trumpet vine, bee balm and petunias, just to name a few, will provide them with the natural source of nectar they are searching for. You can also place hummingbird feeders in your yard. We recommend using Sweet-Seed Nectar Fusions because it is made will all-natural wildflower extracts and contain no dyes. Some hummingbirds can be extremely territorial so placing a few hummingbird feeders that out of sight from each other is the best way to attract multiple hummingbirds.


    Hummingbirds, just like all birds, are drawn to areas that provide both food and water. That’s why providing a source of water is crucial to attracting these small birds to your yard. Although, hummingbirds will bathe and drink from shallow bird baths, they love taking showers. Putting a small fountain in a birdbath or in your yard will catch their eye and make your backyard an ideal place to stay.


    Hummingbirds will not use houses or roosting pockets when building their tiny nests. Instead, they prefer to nest in trees and shrubs that provide adequate cover and protection. Planting plants such as maple trees and witch hazel will give them a safe place to nest as well as provide them with the natural materials they need to build their nest.

    Providing birds with food, water and shelter not only attracts them to your yard so that you can enjoy them, it also gives them the resources they need to survive and thrive. So, put up a few feeders and a bird bath or two and enjoy the natural beauty that birds bring to your yard.

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