Buxus - Mountains of Lush Green Foliage

    Ok, so this plant may be more of a mound than a mountain, but when you’re looking for that ideal hedge shrub, there is no better choice than Buxus sempervirens ‘Green Mountain.’ More commonly known as the ‘Green Mountain’ Boxwood, this evergreen shrub stays relatively compact and can take a hard pruning almost any time of year.

    ‘Green Mountian’ Boxwoods prefer to be planted in an area that gets partial shade. While this Boxwood can handle being planted in full sun, it’s important to note that it’s foliage is more likely to suffer from sun scorch, and is more susceptible to mite attacks when planted in full sun.

    When it comes to soil conditions, ‘Green Mountain’ prefers to planted in evenly moist, well-draining soil. We recommend using Coast of Maine’s Penobscot Blend and fertilizing with Espoma Plant-tone® to provide this evergreen shrub with organic matter and a good source of nitrogen. A common misconception about Boxwoods is that, like most evergreens, they prefer an acidic soil. Boxwoods are actually one of a few evergreens that require a more neutral pH level, typically around 6.5 – 7.

    Growing to be 3 – 5 feet in height with a spread of 2 – 3 feet at maturity, and it’s high tolerance of pruning, makes this compact shrub perfect for use as a topiary plant, as a focal point in a formal garden or as a hedge plant. You can even use cuttings from winter pruning in decorative containers for the holidays!

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