Every Picture Tells a Story

    One of the best new toys of the digital age to benefit gardeners has been the digital camera. Those who know me know I would prefer to have a splitting maul or a shovel in my hand any day of the week, but for us here at the garden center, the person who comes in with a digital camera and a few pictures is the easiest person to help.

    When a person is designing a new garden area, both closeups and wide angle shots giving us the whole picture are great. Further notes should be taken as to observing the light pattern on the planting site throughout the day. Knowing how much sun versus shade and when, will help us in recommending plants that will thrive. Time should also be taken to dig into the soil in the proposed planting bed, so we may suggest how to amend, or recommend plants that can tolerate more sandy or clay type soils.

    Insect and cultural questions of existing plants can also benefit from a few quick photos brought into us. Having a piece of the plant with the insect is great, but sometimes a picture is going to tell us even more. When taking pictures for cultural questions, closeups as well as portrait shots showing the whole plant are helpful.

    Don't be afraid to take too many shots from different angles, all will help the cause. Remember, it’s easier to treat a plant early on, than letting it get to a point where we are only guessing at what might have killed your tree.

    You also do not need to print the shots you have taken, we are comfortable looking at your camera display. So snap away with that camera and bring us your questions.

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