Feeling Under the Weather?

    Remember what happened last winter? It's hard to forget pulling feet of snow from your roof, and while this winter has been mild so far, it's never a bad idea to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


    We’ve all seen the news reports on the importance of clearing off our roofs. The problem is that many of us live in two-story homes where roof rakes just don’t reach. It also helps to be an age where climbing a roof, let alone in icy conditions, is not foolhardy or entirely impossible.

    Roof rakes are the best solution for one-story homes. It keeps ice dams at bay and for flat roofs, it’s essential for load safety, especially with our historic snowfall. The biggest challenge for pitched roofs is still ice dams. While these seasonal issues need to be addressed by a roofing or insulation contractor, temporary fixes are still essential to prevent gutter and internal water damage.

    We’ve tried most ice dam solutions and can attest that a pair of nylons or pantyhose filled with calcium chloride can open up a channel quickly and alleviate your ice dam problems. YouTube has a number of videos that show how and where to place the nylon package.

    Since location of the calcium chloride is important, the closer you can get to the ice pack, the better your results will be. For most of use this means through an open second story window and carefully guiding or tossing the package into the frozen dam. We recommend tying string or twine to one end of the package so you can guide, relocate or remove the package after it has done it’s job.


    Many of our agricultural and farming customers have unique snow removal needs for their barns. Here is an excellent article from Cornell University on the importance of a balanced and safe approach to snow removal.


    Halite rock salt, True Value Fast Melt, roof rakes, shovels, sand, we’ve got it all. If we run out of something we usually have it restocked fairly quickly. By all means, give us a call if you have any questions, we’re the local experts.


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