Harringtonia: As Yew Like It

    We've all been taking stock of our yards this spring, what was damaged with the snow, what plants might rally after a late start, what beloved perennials might not have survived. As we survey our own deer marauded landscape at home I'm now aware that our local deer don’t particularly like Japanese Plum Yew (Cephalotaxus harringtonia) and left it alone this past winter.

    This plant is not related to our common yew (Taxus) which the hungry deer were more than happy to treat as an all-you-can-eat buffet. My personal preferred variety is harringtonia which is a columnar form. It's drought tolerant, sun or shade loving, and is easily pruned to keep in check. If let go it can reach 8 to 10 ft. tall with a spread of 3 to 4 ft.

    if you need a replacement shrub that the deer will turn their noses up at, the harringtonia is a great candidate.

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