Houseplants - The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. Have you gotten something for that special someone yet? Why not get them a gift that is both beautiful and will last all year? With houseplants featuring bright, bold colors and heart shaped spathes, there are several options that would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Here are just a few houseplants that we think would make beautiful gifts for that important person in your life.


    With the deep red color of those heart-shaped spathes, an Anthurium would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A low maintenance houseplant, Anthurium want bright, indirect light and to be watered only when the soil is dried to the touch. If cared for correctly, that special someone can enjoy its beautiful color for up to four to six weeks!

    African Violet:

    Ranging in color from white to pink to purple, the gorgeous flowers of an African Violet are sure to impress that important person in your life. Pot this dainty plant in an African Violet pot to ensure that it is watered properly, and remind them to keep water off of the foliage. Be sure to tell them to place their African Violet in bright, indirect light and to pinch the flowers back to encourage new growth, and keep those blooms coming, so they can enjoy this houseplant even longer.


    With its clusters of brightly colored flowers, and it’s low maintencane care, the Kalanchoe is an excellent choice for that special person in your life. Grown best in full sun, this plant is sensitive to overwatering, so be sure only to water when the soil is dry to the touch.


    With showy flowers than can last for months at a time the Orchid is a gorgeous houseplant that is sure to impress, and they are actually easier to care for than most people think. Orchids prefer bright, indirect light and to be kept away from any cold and drafty windows. Water only when the soil is completely dry, and make sure that you water thoroughly, allowing the water to drain from the pot.

    Giving a gift that will last is way better than giving a rose or cut flower that needs to be thrown away don’t you think? Come and check out our selection of houseplants and give them a gift that they can enjoy all year!