The Panicle Hydrangea: A True Summer Champ

    Hydrangea paniculata is a very adaptable plant, growing in full sun to partial shade, and performing like a champ every year. We have over 10 cultivars at Morrison's ranging from the true dwarfs like ‘Bobo,’ to ‘Little Lime’ that remain small, tight, compact bushes, to giant tree forms like ‘Pink Diamond’ that can grow up to 10’ tall!

    Our absolute favorite Panicle Hydrangea is ‘Fire and Ice.’ This compact, early blooming and heat tolerant variety starts out a pure white, and fades over time to a brilliant red. It also features green foliage with a redish tint that adds a little extra touch of color all season long.

    Panicle Hydrangeas do best in rich, well-draining soils and bloom on new wood produced that season, so don't worry about pruning and possibly taking away the bloom.

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