Japanese Maple - Crimson Queen

    Japanese Maples have become a staple in the landscape. With their gorgeous foliage that adds either a red or green color to the landscape through the summer, and vibrant color in the fall, it’s easy to see why. One variety, however, seems to stand out when looking at the numerous options in the Acer palmatum family, and that is the Crimson Queen.

    As the name implies, Crimson Queen Japanese Maples feature beautiful crimson foliage throughout the summer that can turn to a bright scarlet in the summer. This particular variety is also noted for its low branching that gives it a weeping effect.

    This deciduous tree will typically reach about 8 to 10 feet in height, but can be maintained a lower height if desired. Crimson Queen Japanese Maples prefer to be planted in full sun to part shade in a well-drained, organically rich soil. We recommend amending soil with Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend and Espoma Bio-Tone Starter Plus when planting.


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