Mixing Up Some Proven Container Recipes

    Great cooking is all about complementary colors and flavors, balance and textures. In our eyes, however, few recipes match the vivid color and sheer thrill of a well-designed hanging basket, container or window box.

    Of course, half the fun in creating your own concoction is exploring and planning out the right plant combination to match your personality and your home and garden. From spillers to fillers to thrillers, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

    Take some time to imagine the possibilities by visiting Proven Winners® where their searchable container recipes database will show you everything from exposure, container size, placement and detailed information on each plant in your specific recipe.

    While Proven Winners® is a fantastic source of container inspiration, our staff at Morrison’s is truly second to none in both plant knowledge and ideas. So go dream online, but come to Morrison’s and we’ll get you in the mix this weekend.

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