Morrison's & Monrovia: What it Means to be Green

    Being in the gardening and nursery industry we tend to think of ourselves among the 'green' pioneers. We try to grow as many of our products as organically as possible and, at the very least, we use integrated pest management in raising our plants.

    One blemish on our industry has been the continued use of plastics in delivering plants to the public. Many of our pot producers use recycled plastic and we ourselves do everything we can to recycle and reuse some pot sizes. Even though the Town of Plymouth has recycling at their transfer station, our pots do not have the correct number stamped on them to be processed through their recycling program.

    Monrovia, one of our largest nursery providers, has come up with a great new recycling initiative this spring and Morrison’s is proud to play a part. Just gather all of your plastics, no matter where you purchased them from, and bring them into Morrison’s. We’ll recycle any horticultural plastic, trays, pots, and labels of any color. Just look for the big Monrovia Recycling bin out front or ask any Morrison’s team member for help.

    We think this is the best and greenest solution to this recycling challenge.

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