The Mystery of the Happy Cat

    If you’re a cat parent, then you know cats are very good at keeping us guessing. Are they happy, annoyed, secretly plotting our demise? Maybe they’re just sleepy.

    Cats are very different than dogs and require some important things to keep them at their quirkiest. Here’s what we’ve identified as the pillars of cat happiness, and some tips to ensure your feline is satisfied:

    Even if your cat is older, he or she still needs mental (and physical) stimulation. You can help by playing with your cat on a regular basis. Like people, cats have their preferences so try out a few different toys to see what your cat prefers. Is it catnip stuffed mice, dangling string, or chasing a laser pointer?

    When you get your kitty playing, you strengthen your bond, stimulate their brain, and even help them get a bit of exercise. This latter is no small feat since most cats spend around 20 hours a day sleeping and the other four are divided between eating and grooming.

    Yes, your cat is probably excellent at grooming him or herself. When they aren’t napping, they’re probably grooming. However, you can help loosen dead skin and fur by using a brush or comb on your cat every few days. Not to mention, brushing your cat is a key way to prevent the dreaded hairball.

    It’s usually best to wait until your kitty is relaxed before you start your brushing. Otherwise, your cat will get up and move out of reach. Assuming kitty is allowing you to brush, this is a good time to check for ticks, flea dirt, or any unusual lumps or bumps that you’ll report on your next vet visit.

    Healthy Diet
    Most of us can agree, there’s nothing that turns a frown upside down quicker than some good eats. Eating well helps your cat stay healthy because good nutrition is essential to a healthy life. That is why we offer quality cat food like Wellness whose ingredients include good omega 3 fatty acids like salmon oil and flaxseeds as well as cranberries to support a healthy urinary tract, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Chicken Soup, Canidae and Purina Pro Plan.

    How do you know your cat is happy? Is it a particular “tone of meow,” a celebratory knocking your favorite glass off the coffee table or maybe a friendly head boop? Maybe someday we’ll truly crack the code of “the happy cat,” but until then, we’re good with a peek into their mysterious life.

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