New Dawn - Setting the Standard for Climbing Roses

    When it comes to climbing roses there is one variety that stands out as the standard for producing blooms all season long, and that variety is New Dawn.

    Growing to be 8 to 12 feet in height, and featuring large, fragrant, blush pink, double flowers that are back dropped by glossy dark green foliage, and rose hips in the fall, Rosa New Dawn is the perfect climbing rose for any trellis, arbor, wall or fence.

    The New Dawn Climbing Rose needs to be planted in well-drained soil, and will do best in an area that gets full sun to partial shade. Like most roses, New Dawn is susceptible to disease. The best way to protect your rose is to plant it in full sun and avoid any overhead watering. Another thing you can do to help prevent disease is to treat your roses with Bayer All-In-One Rose & Flower Care. This systemic product not only feeds your roses, but also protects them from insects and disease. Be sure not to prune New Dawn in the first two years after planting. This will allow this climber to develop its long canes. After the first two years you can prune as needed in late winter to early spring.