New in 2017 - Cape Cod Hydrangea

    We are confident that the new Cape Cod Hydrangea is going to be a favorite this year. Like Endless Summer Hydrangeas, the Cape Cod Hydrangea will produce either blue or pink flowers, depending on the acidity level of the soil they are planted in. Unlike Endless Summer, however, this hydrangea is more compact reaching a height of 4ft. tall with a 4ft. spread at maturity. It also has much stronger stems, meaning you won’t see those big beautiful blooms drooping when the plant is full. Making it the ideal compact plant for foundations and borders. This repeat bloomer is hardy, and will continue to produce its stunning flowers through the summer.

    We recommend amending your soil with Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend when planting, in order to provide Cape Cod Hydrangeas with a rich, well-draining soil. We also suggest that they be planted in an area that gets partial shade.

    Want your Cape Cod Hydrangea to keep that deep blue color? Bring us a soil sample. We can test your soil and let you know if your pH is too high, meaning that you will need to add some sulfur in order to keep enjoying those blue blooms. Inversely, if you want your Cape Cod Hydrangea to have pink blooms, we can tell you whether or not your pH is too low and if lime is needed to help you achieve that desired prink color.

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