Radrazz - A Real Knock Out

    Noted for its low maintenance and disease resistance, Radrazz Knock Out and Double Knock Out Roses are the perfect shrub for any sunny location in the garden.

    Radrazz Knock Out and Double Knock Out Roses set the standard in disease resistance. Blooming until the first hard frost with a prolific amount of cherry red to hot pink flowers, Radrazz Roses are noted for their resistance to black spot, downy mildew and their drought tolerance.

    When planted in full sun, this beautiful rose will grow to a height and spread of 3 to 4 feet. Feed with Espoma Rose-Tone when you plant your Radrazz Rose, and then be sure to feed it once a month throughout the season. Dead heading, or pruning your roses will help promote new growth and blooms until the first frost of winter hits us.


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