Stonington Blend – A True Super Soil

    Coast of Maine provides us with some of the highest quality soils and composts that we sell her at Morrison’s. So it’s no wonder that their Stonington Blend Growers Mix has become an instant favorite with our customers.

    This “super soil” incorporates a rich mixture of horticultural grade sphagnum peat, coco fiber (coir), lobster compost, composted dark bark, dehydrated hen manure, perlite, worm castings and a mixture of meals (kelp, alfalfa, fish bone), mycorrhizae and dolomitic limestone to adjust pH. Its blend of natural ingredients provide a perfect balance of drainage, water retention and aeration, making Stonington Blend the ideal container mix for growing even high value crops.

    Check out the video below to learn more, and stop by the store to see for yourself the difference that this high quality planting mix can make for your container plants.

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