Vinca Minor – Covering Major Ground

    When it comes to low maintenance, versatile ground covers, there is no plant that can stand up to Vinca minor. Featuring glossy, dark green leaves that last all year, and lavender blue, phlox-like flowers in the spring through early summer, this evergreen ground cover is perfect for use in any garden. Also known as Common Periwinkle, it is fast growing, reaching a height of 4 to 6 inches at maturity. However, what really makes this plant perfect for use as a ground cover, or even for erosion control on slopes, is the fact that it spreads indefinitely.

    Due to its intense spreading habit, we recommend giving this plant plenty of room, and it’s important to note that while you can prune Vinca minor aggressively, you do have to prune frequently if you are trying to keep this plant confined to a small area.

    Vinca minor is extremely tolerant of most soil and sun conditions, however, it does prefer to be planted in moist, rich soil with partial shade. If you plant Vinca minor in a full sun area, just be sure to water more frequently during the hot summer months, as leaf scorch can become an issue at this time of year.

    We recommend fertilizing Vinca minor with Espoma Holly-tone®. This slow release fertilizer is perfect for acid-loving plants, and it contains Bio-tone® microbes that will ensure your plants develop strong root systems, ensuring healthy and vigorous growth.

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