Wintergreen – It’s More than Just a Flavor

    When you hear the word wintergreen you probably immediately think of chewing gum or a flavor of toothpaste, but did you know that this popular flavor actually comes from a groundcover that is native to this area?

    Gaultheria procumbens, more commonly known as wintergreen, is a native, creeping evergreen that will reach a max height of 6 to 12 inches with a 2 to 3 foot spread, making it an ideal groundcover for the shady area of your landscape. Featuring glossy, dark green foliage that takes on a reddish color as the weather gets colder, and small white flowers that emerge in the early summer, and are then replaced by bright red berries, wintergreen is perfect for giving you a touch of color year round.

    Gaultheria procumbens does best when planted in an organically rich, acidic soil that is kept evenly moist and in part to full shade. Be sure to add a thick layer of mulch around wintergreen to keep the roots cool and help wintergreen maintain the moist soil condition it thrives in.

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