Morrison’s Home & Garden Houseplants

    Why should your yard have all the fun? Our green house is stocked year round with many varieties of houseplants. Here are just a few ideas to add some indoor color and texture.


    Air plants are a fun and fast way of adding some inexpensive interest to a room. Care is minimal with bright light and misting a couple of times per week. Check Pinterest for a number of creative ideas on how people are using air plants as a key component of their interior design.


    For people who are more into active gardening, bonsais can be a true obsession. We carry tropicals that can be grown in filtered light as well as more temperate plants that need direct sun as well as a cool period. All bonsais have different horticultural requirements and the novice should expect a bit of time mastering some basic techniques.


    We carry all kind of succulents and cactus. They are known for their minimal water requirements; you can go away for a week and not worry. General care for cactus is a minimum of a 1/2 day of direct sunlight. Watering should be done only when the soil has dried and then water fully until water drains out the bottom of the pot. For the adventuresome, the open top glass terrarium shows that cactus and succulents can be used together but be careful with not to overwater.

    We have some new varieties of aglaonema (Anymanee and Sparkling Sarah). These are easy to care for with bright light to some direct sun for the colored foliage types. The more green in the leaf then the less light it needs. These plants prefer it warm (over 65°) and moist so try not to let the soil go totally dry. Occasional misting will also benefit the plant.


    What makes a fairy garden? Any whimsical design with smaller growing plants. And we have the accessories too! Perfect for small spaces and desks as well.


    Coming in all sizes with a huge range of foliage types, most begonias prefer warmer temperatures and bright light. The flowering types need some direct sunlight in order to flower in the winter. Our favorite as a houseplant are the rex begonias, noted for their dramatic colorful foliage.


    Shade tolerant plants that will do well almost anywhere in the house. Just remember to water them when dry.


    The perfect small plant for any location. They need bright light and will even thrive under fluorescent lighting. They are best left to almost dry out then thoroughly soak again. They will also do well down to 60°.


    A popular and diverse group of plants with varying moisture requirements. All ferns appreciate bright light and will usually thrive for years. Our favorite is the Boston Fern that is best used as a hanging plant. It’s often used as an outside hanging plant for underneath a porch where it does not receive direct sunlight. It should be kept moist and will shed some leaves during the winter with humidity changes.


    These sculptures make a dramatic statement wherever they are placed. In the warmer months they can be kept outside as long as they are in the shade. In the winter they will do well with some direct sunlight. Occasional misting is also beneficial for these plants. They are tolerant of much colder temperatures than most houseplants (40°) but pay attention with colder temperatures as they will not need as much water.


    Water when dry and always water a pot thoroughly so that the entire soil mass is moistened. Little amounts of water added to the top of the pot will eventually kill the plant as the roots at the bottom of the pot will suffer. Conversely, over watering and keeping the soil saturated with water is the leading cause of plant failure.

    For fertilizing we recommend only once a month and used sparingly. Please ask us about the best care for any particular plant.